Some of our most interesting and fun projects involve lumber to which the owner has a personal connection. Maybe it was on their property for years and fell in a windstorm, but the owners don't want to let the tree go completely.

The owner of the Wing House had collected urban salvage from garden tours. She called on us to transform it into unique furniture for her iconic home. The results were beautiful, rustic pieces made of carob, red alder, redwood and oak, many with the salvaged logs largely left in tact.

The family of a client in Malibu had lovingly planted olive trees in their yard in 1942. The trees were unfortunately killed by fire years later and the younger generation had been saving the wood for 15 years. We were able to use the wood to create a wonderful kitchen countertop that carried a lot of family sentiment and an earthy South of France vibe they loved.

It takes a specific license to fell a tree, equipment to properly mill it, and time and space to dry it. We work with the most experienced professionals in Los Angeles to salvage your urban lumber. As your tree concierge, we handle the process from start to finish, including your one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. If you want to manage it yourself, call us when the wood is dry and ready for us to build.

Raw Slabs
Some people board stray animals, we seem to collect stray wood. This lumber is available for projects that we complete. We display some on the website, but there are always other treasures at the shop. Contact us to schedule a visit.

Tree removed safely by a licensed arborist and the log is delivered to us.
We mill with our Lucas Mill
Properly stored, the lumber dries and dries and dries. A kiln may be utilized to expedite.
Wing House Bed
A stunning salvage project
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